Winged Creature

There's so much you can do with this beauty! Shimmery wings with veins emphasized by pearl-ex mica detailing, this is the ultimate pendant! (or lamp shade, or jounral cover... you name it!) Wings and all it measures 4 1/4" or so wide and adding the 20 gauge wire spirals, the height exceeds 2" by a "nose". The hole is vertical, allowing for a multitude of uses, and each one is hand made, so they will differ in shape and color. To the right you'll see one that is already made up! This is a mold i am proud of making!
Colors: I've been using translucent clay with a lot of pearl-ex powders and a cane that is based on translucency. I dust my mold with a lot of pearl-ex colors, from green and blue to interference violet and pink, so give me an idea of the color family and be prepared for some fun!

Shimmery winged creature choose color: $9.50
Shimmery winged creature let us choose color: $7.50

Custom order policy: Most colors available by special order. $50 minimum, a deposit of one half to begin. No work is done on spec. Balance due when order is delivered.