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Give Your Leftover Beads a Makeover!

Transform those thrift shop or yard sale beads into original works of art! Use wood, plastic, metal, resin, bone beads, inexpensive colorants, add ribbon, fiber, foil, rhinestones, and more to get beads uniquely yours. Our Altered Bead Guide lists eight different techniques that you can combine to get dozens of effects!

Acrylic Flowers and Leaves

Beautifully molded and finished translucent mat-finished acrylic flowers and leaves. Flowers include morning glories, dogwoods, baby's breath, Iris, Calla Lilies, colorful leaves.... Lightweight and saturated with color, these flowers are great for any project that needs them in clusters and colors.

Your Craft Business, gives advice to crafters has been updated!

For beginners: show essentials, display, merchant accounts, promotion, record keeping, labeling.
Seasoned crafters: selling wholesale, galleries, trade shows, packaging, and more.

PLUS... selling online, materials and trends, business basics (finances, insurance, copyright, licensing, budgeting) and a Resources section make this a MUST VISIT!

Perfect for any type of project!

BRASS CHARMS that are of exceptional quality. Raw brass, unfinished, can be tinned and soldered, very nice detail. Easy to stain, enamel, paint or patina.

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Charm and Kit Diva
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Glass Diva

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Save 15-30% with Mixed & Match Partz: 14 categories (the best of our "partz") for you to make your own bundle... designer pricing AND a wide variety of choices!

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Sun faces
Moon faces
Torso Beads
Faux Cameo
Cats, Dragons,
Winged Creatures
Decorative Faces
Goddess Faces
Floral Decor
Flower Beads
Faces with Kitz Face Mixes


Celestial -- Sun faces

One size, ready for beading and edging.

These sunfaces, inspired from an old wood carving, are great bases upon which to start a project. They have a hole top to bottom through the edge of the 1/4 to 1/2" thick surface, which will allow wire up to about 20 gauge to go through. We have many versions and colors available. The edges have been sanded and on some a hole has also been made from left to right, not all the way though, but just deep enough for an eye pin to anchor beadwork. Sun/Moon face bead cost is $5.50 each or 6 for $30 plus shipping. View current color palette in popup window. Kit available (see KIT section)

Sun/Moon face $5.50
Sun/Moon face 6/$30

Polymer Clay Sunface BeadsSculptural Sun faces

These are similar from the sun faces above and cast from the same wood carving. In this case I have left some of the rays on them and textured them to give the a unique look. Some have a hole top to bottom through the edge of the 1/4 to 1/2" thick surface, which will allow wire up to about 22 gauge (possibly even 20 gauge) to go through. We'll be glad to try and get within the color family you request, but cannot guarantee how many rays are showing or how they show. See more pics and colors

Sculptural Sun/Moon face $6
Sculptural Sun/Moon face 6/$30
Sculptural Sun/Moon-vertical hole $6.50
Sculptural Sun/Moon-vertical hole 6/$30

Polymer Clay Classic Sun/Moonface Bead A nicely proportioned classical moon or sun face, perfect for all celestial occasions. "Face that goes anywhere" This classic is available in a variety of colors with a vertical drill hole. 1" diameter. Review other samples

Small Sun Moon face $3.50
4 Assorted $12
Polymer Clay  Fun Face Bead

Celestial beings have moods, too! Just like comedy and tragedy, we've got Smirky and Pouty They are available in a variety of colors and holes are vertical. You get a mix of the two. Between 3/4" and 7/8"

4 Assorted $12
Polymer Clay Content Moonface Bead

A totally stately head (2" high) has eyes closed and looks like the Cheshire Cat! "The Content Moon" Available in a variety of solids and subtle patterns as well as the option of making it a badge holder! Review sizing, colors, other samples of the Content Moon

Content Moon $4
4 Assorted $15
Polymer Clay Pouting Sun face Bead

So fun and part of my celestial collection a Sulky Sun face with poochy cheeks and thick lidded eyes this sun face has been out playing with the moon all night! 1 3/4" in diameter, the hole is through the center. This sun face can easily be made into a badge holder (see our new Badge Holder series) as well as a fabulous pendant or embellishment.

Sulky Sunface $4
4 Assorted $12
Polymer Clay Crescent Moonface Bead

Totally different, this "Crescent Moon" is really fun! The entire crescent is 3 1/4" high and about 2" wide, and packs a punch! The hole is horizontal, right above the eyebrow, so it can be strung as a simple pendant, or beaded with stars and a whole galaxy of planets. Great fun! Review sizing, colors, other samples of the Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon $6.50
3 Assorted Crescent Moon $18

Torsos, Cameos


Polymer Clay Torso BeadPolymer Clay Torso Bead

The "torso bead". Shown in copper, the colors range from copper, to peach to gray. The 1 3/4" long torso has a vertical hole from neck to base, eye pins at legs and arms. Can be ordered with pin back. Review details

We pick color $6.50

4 torsos with Marionette kit & partz $50


Polymer Clay Cameo BeadCameo Nouveau a beautiful faux cameo made from Polymer Clay. Marvelously detailed and 1 1/2" in diameter, this beauty comes in a variety of colors. We've got pearl white, pink pearl and what is pictured is Fimo's color "Rose Quartz" with an interference red pearl-ex powder dusted on to bring up the detail. These are not finished with a gloss, as we feel that takes away the cameo look. Imagine this nested in the center of a black victorian lace collar!
Cameo Nouveau $4
4 Assorted $15
Polymer Clay Classic CameoWe also offer the "Coin Cameo". It reminds me of an old coin and when made with silver or gold clay, looks very nice!Is she the face of a queen or goddess. She's not more than 1/8" thick, and is drilled vertically.
Coin Cameo $4
4 Assorted $15

Critter (cat, dragon, butterfly)

Polymer Clay Shimmery Wing  Body Bead

Make your own winged beauty! I'm calling it a dragonfly, but you can call it anything you'd like! Polymer clay wings and body are 4 1/4" wide, the hole runs vertically for you to dangle bead bodies, and the 20 gauge wire "antennae" make the total height closer to 2". All of them are finished with a shimmery mica finish and are somewhat translucent. (which makes them difficult to photograph) The colors range from light purple, peach and pale green to light blue and some indeterminable shimmery colors. Review the variety of colors, and see a completed one.

We choose Color $7.50
Polymer Clay Butterfly Heart BeadPolymer Clay Dragonfly Heart Bead

Hand cast out of polymer clay, these beautiful dragonfly and butterfly hearts are hand-detailed with Pearl-Ex powders before firing to bring up the exquisite detail of the casting. Offered in rose, purple, pearl, teal, blue, black, silver and copper. Review colors, sizing more details on the Butterfly Hearts and Dragonfly Hearts.

Butterfly Heart $5.50
Dragonfly Heart $5.50
4 Assorted Butterfly and Dragonfly Hearts $20
olymer Clay Cat with Crown Bead

Queen Kitty bring royalty and pride to your cat projects. Holes drilled from top to bottom, with wire whiskers, fun, with almond shaped clay eyes, and a touch of gold or silver on their crown. Check them out. Perfect for pendants, earrings and hand cast.

Queen Kitty $5.50

Kitty FacePolymer Clay Classic Cat Face Beads are purrfect! . They're fun, have small clay eyes, vertical hole and are about the size of a dime. Hand cast, no two the same. Look at a group of them. Calico, copper, gray, white... each has its own personality.

Kitty Faces $4
4 Assorted Kitty Faces $12
Polymer Clay Dragon Fossil Pendant

They're unique, handmade, and shimmer with powdered mica, these polymer clay dragon "fossils" are ready to incorporate into your pendants, pins and and more to give a totally new look. You get a subtle, but dramatic look with these 2" dia. handmade beauties. Perfect for focal bead or unique collage element.

Fossil Dragon $6.50
Polymer Clay Flowing Dragon Bead

Much like the imperial dragon, this flowing dragon has a art nouveau feel to it. Details brought out with mica touches, and offering a horizontal or vertical drill. This beauty is nicely detailed. Check them out. Perfect for focal bead or unique collage element.
$5.00 each

Flowing Dragon $5.00
Polymer Clay Griffin/Dragon Bead

Not your typical eastern dragon, this one has more of a celtic spirit... maybe a griffin? This beauty is nicely detailed. Check them out. Perfect for focal bead or unique collage element.
$5.00 each

Celtic Dragon $5.00

Polymer Clay Lizard Face Bead Fun, unique and interesting, the "Lizard/Dragon Head" boasts big pearl white eyes with little black pupils, black "eyeliner" for emphasis, and black nostrils at the end of its snout. Fully sculpted, this head has no specific orientation. The hole is from the back of the head to the end of the snout. Available in a variety of color families.

Review sizing, colors, other samples

Lizard Head $6.50
3 Lizard Head $18

Faces with Kitz

Sun face with Pearl Kit

We have "pearl kitz" for those who want to make their own pearl framed moon faces. They contain about 15-20 dyed freshwater pearls in a color mix to compliment your moon face purchase. You also get about 4" of 20 gauge wire and the complete directions on how to make one yourself. We are now adding seed beads and 2 bead caps to the original pearl kit. The total amount for that, including moon face comes to $10.00.
Sun/Moon face& Pearl Kit $10

Bad Hair Day Face A REALLY Bad Hair Day Kit

Hand cast out of polymer clay, this funky face has a lot of "personality". Five holes are drilled 1/8" deep at top of head (sized for 20 gauge wire to be glued in place for the hair). Flat back for pin back, ears feature pierced holes for earrings. Comes in 2 sizes, 1" and 1 1/2". Kit contains: face, wire for hair, pin back, instructions and beads for earrings. We choose face size: $7.00, SM: 7.50, LG: 7.75

Urchin with Chain Dreadlocks?

Once the chain "hair" is on, this face is fabulous!! A very versatile face, this face is hand cast out of polymer clay. It is 1 3/4" high 1 1/4" wide and has a very subtle expression with the exception of its deep set eyes!
Kit contains:
24" Colored chain (blue, gold, green, black or purple)
Head pins, jump rings, pieces of:
flower drops, mini stars, leaves & more, color-coordinated for the hair

Nymph w/ Blue Hair Kit $15
Nymph w/ Purple Hair Kit $15
Nymph w/ Green Hair Kit $15
Nymph w/ Black Hair Kit $15


Polymer Clay Face with Flowers

The Blossom Headed Woman. Hand cast out of polymer clay, this 1 3/4" dia face is beautifully covered with a dimensional flower & petals! She's got glass bead eyes, vertically drilled and is a bit less than 1/2' thick. Available in pastel colors, and delicately hand accented with mica powders prior to baking.

Review the size, color choices and see more samples for the "Blossom Face"

Blossom Head $7
Polymer Clay Art Deco Feather Hat Woman

Art Deco? Wonderful mysterious fashionable Feather-Hat Woman is a treat. Featuring glass bead eyes, hand painted (before firing) "feathers" and highlights, she looks ready for a night on the town. She's got a vertical hole from "v" top to bottom. She's about 2" high. She can easily be made into a badge holder (see our Badge Holder series)

Review colors, and other samples of the Feather-Topped Woman.
Feather Hat Woman $6.50
3 Assorted $18
Polymer Clay Goddess Face Bead

The Buddha or Modest Goddess Face. Hand cast out of polymer clay, this 1 3/4" high 1" wide balinese-style goddess face has a lot of charm and possibility! Available in many colors, and delicately accented with mica powders. Has flat back and is available with single vertical or horizontal hole.

Review the size, color choices and see more samples for the "Modest Goddess Face"

Goddess Face $5.00
3 Assorted Face $13.50
Polymer Clay Face with Loops for Hair

Our "Nymph Head" can look as unique as you'd like! Standard configuration:
with head pins across the top for attaching chain or beaded hair, pierced ears, additional option, a pin back already baked on.

Available in a variety of colors, there's much you can do with this one. These marvelous faces are hand cast out of polymer clay and measure 1 3/4" wide and are about 1 1/4" high.
Standard configuration $6.00 each, $1 extra for pin back.
Head with Hair kit $15.00 (order by hair color)
Size, color choices, hair kit details and see more samples for the "Nymph Face"
Nymph Face $6.00
Nymph with Hair Kit $15
Polymer Clay Pouting Face

A cutely pouting and well detailed face, perfect for everything. occasions. "Pouting Face " They are available in a variety of colors and holes vertically or horizontally.

Review sizing, colors, other samples of this cute face

Pouting Face $3.50
4 Assorted Pouting Face $12
Polymer Clay Demure Face Bead

Demure but stately head (2" high) has her eyes closed and a wonderful Mona Lisa smile. "I'm calling it the Demure Head" Available in a variety of solids and subtle patterns as well as the option of making it a badge holder!

Review sizing, colors, other samples of the Demure Head

Demure Head $3.50
4 Assorted Demure Head $12
Mardi Gras Mask Bead

Totally unique this is a Mardi gras Celebration Face (part of the comedy/tragedy theatre pantheon) She's got a vertical hole from "v" of her top crown and out the bottom of her chin. She's about 2" high.

For die hard Mardi Gras celebrators, she can easily be made into a badge holder (see our new Badge Holder series)

Face: $4.00 each, or 4 for $15.00.
Mardi Gras Head with badge holder back: $7.50 each

Mardi Gras Head $4.00
4 Assorted $15
Polymer Clay Harvest Woman Bead

Smiling nymph-like in a nest of grapes and leaves, the "Harvest Girl Head" is beautifully tinted with pearl-ex mica powders in green, purple, pink, copper and gold. Available in a variety of solids it is 3" high and the hole for stringing is horizontal and 1/4 inch down from the top so it makes a wonderful pendant! Review sizing, colors, other samples of the Harvest Girl

Harvest Girl $6.50
3 Assorted $18


Polymer Clay Flower Beads

Put flowers in your hair, or anywhere! Hand cast out of polymer clay, this bouquet of pansies, daises, daffodils, petunias all have horizontal hole for stringing on cord. Sold in groups of 4, color families: reds, blues, purples, pastels.

Review colors, sizing more details on the Mini Flowers.

4 Assorted $6.50
6 Assorted $10
Polymer Clay Flower Cups

Fabulous Flower Cups Timeless blossoms of lightweight polymer clay flower caps are perfect for all types of jewelry projects. Hand made from Polymer clay with center holes, gently cupped for realism, these colorful cups make great bouquets, earrings, rings and so much more! They come in 2 sizes, the small is the size of a dime, the large is the size of a quarter. Holes are large enough for an eye pin, 1mm cord or 20 gauge wire. Assorted Colors Only.

Doz Small $6.00
Doz Large $8.00
Polymer Clay Trumpet Bead

Make a lovely flower necklace with these beautiful flower beads. Hand cast out of polymer clay, this 1" dia. flower is beautifully shimmering by delicately hand accenting with mica powders.The trumpet-like shape gives us the perfect place for drilling the hole--horizontally, halfway down the stem, making it hang perfectly. Review colors, sizing more details on the Hybrid Hibiscus.

Hybrid Hibiscus Flowers $3.75
3 Assorted Flowers $10
Polymer Clay Trumpet Bead Kit

The Basic Kit has crystals, pressed glass flower and leaf beads, eye pins, connector beads and instructions. The Full Kit adds the beading wire, chain and spacers. Review kit contents

Tribal (assorted 4 tribal masks $12 )

Tribal Mask Bead

A"Fierce Face Mask", this 1" high rough-cut mask has a trace of pacific island to its look. Add tinting with mica powders to bring out the accents and its fabulous. With a vertical hole and almost a 1/2" thick, he's a real serious addition to any tribal look necklace. Review colors, sizing, and other samples.

Fierce Face $3.50
Polymer Clay Chieftan Bead

I call him "The Chief" and he looks very regal with a crown-like head and a nicely cut beard. With a horizontal hole through the top third and measuring about 1 3/4" high, he's a real serious addition to an interesting necklace. Review colors, sizing, and other samples.

Chief $3.50
Polymer Clay Inuit Mask
Mask 3 - $3.50
Polymer Clay Tribal Mask Bead
Mask 2 - $3.50

Two more unique "ethnic masks". Mask 3 has the effect of cut bone, is about 1" high and enhanced with powder. They can be ordered with hole top to bottom or side to side, and they come in both mixed colors and solids. CLICK ON EITHER PHOTO TO SEE MORE IMAGES AND PRICING Mask 2 is incredibly detailed, has the effect of cast bronze or copper, is about 1 1/4" high, has a deep profile and eye sockets are enhanced with powder. They can be ordered with hole top to bottom or side to side, and they come in both mixed colors and solids.

Everything Else

Polymer Clay Assorted Faces

The Caribbean Mask

Exotic, but oh so cool! I love the detail in this face, althought it always needs a little bit of "touch up" after a cast. But it is a very, very unique face!

Carrbbean Mask $6.50
Polymer Clay Assorted Faces

Make your own crowd! A potpourri of heads of various types and styles. Perfect for decorating a small piece of jewelry or as funky earrings! "Small Head Bonanza" Available in assorted colors only and priced for experimentation! You get 6 small heads.

Review colors, sizing more details on the small head bonanza.

Small Head Bonanza $5.50

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LIKE FACES? CHECK OUT OUR "FACE" WATCH FACES! The faces in stock (all are ladies 18K gold plated bezel) are on These faces can be ordered in polished chrome, ladies and men's.

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