Fancy Flower Headpins and Fancy Heart Headpins


Flower: These headpins have a delightful "head" that reminds me of a very exotic clover. You can see by the close-up, they don't look that "leafy", but have a design much more in line with Hill Tribe Silver instead.

Heart: This headpin has a heart shaped "head" that is perpendicular to the pin itself, so it fits snugly against any flat-bottomed bead.

Both of the 3" long silver-tone pins are a bit wiggly from being stored and shipped, but they are not seriously bent and are soft enough for wrapping. 6 for $1.75, 12 for $3.00

These 2 " long silver-tone headpins have had a 3mm acrylic rhinestone securely attached to the flat part of the pin and have stood up to a lot of abuse in testing! The size of the headpin's top and the rhinestone match perfectly. Colors: Light Blue, Dark Blue, Light Green, Emerald Green, Hot Pink, Light Pink and Peach. Please be prepared to order assortments only. We are not sure how many of each color we have. 6 for $2.00, 12 for $3.75

There are approximately 6 different colors in this fabulous group of headpins. The wire feels like it is about 22 gauge, just enough to keep the pins straight, but you can easily bend the tips to create a cool design with coated pliers. The spiral is nice and tight, but was obviously hand made (not identical) After the coil you are left with about 2" of wire which can be wrapped or looped. 6 for $2.50, 12 for $4.50