...What they're saying...

NotJustPartz has been online since 1999, and we have gotten many wonderful "thank you's" from folks who have bought our products. Here's a short sampling of some of the responses.

Oh MY...I got the face beads today and they are absolutely gorgeous....wow. I love the feathered ladies and those hearts and the ....well you get the idea,...whoa..I love them

Gladys R.

I'll be back to NotJustPartz soon. Your merchandise is adorable, and prices are fabulous so I can still give my customers a great deal. We'll chat again soon.

Anita M.

I just wanted to let you know that I recieved my shipment of goodies yesterday...I am STUNNED WITH DELIGHT at the quality and creativeness of everything! It's so nice to be able to find a site with items that are truly original, funky and so much FUN! You and your partners have a great website and business and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for UNIQUE items at fair prices! Thanks for the great service!

Rhonda S.

I just received my sun faces....wow. I CANNOT wait to start working with them. The blue and silvery one is awesome by the way..... Thanks for the prompt service!

Sheryl S.

Just wanted to let you know that your package arrived and everything is great! I absolutely love the charms...they are of such good quality that they look like sterling charms. I haven't seen so much detail in anything BUT sterling. So thanks for the quick and friendly service, and I'm sure I'll be ordering in the future.

Wendy M.

Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!! What a fun package! I love everything. Since my art passions are Paper Arts/Collage and Beading it was all great. "Survivors" was fun...lot's of cool collage stuff there.

Kim K.

Just to let you know I received the dragonflies today. They are beautiful!!!!

Gladys C.

I received the charms, they are so cute and at this very moment my mother is making earrings. I have a craft show this weekend I am vender at, so I will be selling the cute earrings with my other crafts.

Brenda V..

Got your package and really appreciated the extra special attention. It's so unusual to find someone who cares about their customers. I'll be placing another order shortly.

Mary C.

I just received all my faces.....they are ALL absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to finish up my current faceless project, so I can begin working with them. The RED is wonderful....and I LOVE the purple one....I'm thinkin' that one's MINE! I will BE SURE to take photos of my creations for you. Thanks again....you do great work!

Sheryl C.

Myra, the charms arrived yesterday, they're gorgeous! Thank you so much. I've already told all my friends about the quality and the service.

Gerrie S.

I received my first order!!!! Everything came carefully packaged!! You are so talented!! Thanks a million! xxoo

Lori R.

I recieved your package today--that was fast shipment, thank you!!As I have looked thru the bag of dangles closer, I am finding the neatest little things and coming up with all kinds of ideas for necklaces that I hadn't had before!! Actually it is a wonderful bounty of inspiration!! Thanks again for bringing some FUN into my life today!

Christine G.

Just writing to say thanks for my charms. I have just received them and they are perfect, I love them all! I wish now that I had ordered more of the sandals in different colours as they really are gorgeous. Thanks also for the extras.

Naseem A.