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Acrylic Flowers and Leaves

Beautifully molded and finished translucent mat-finished acrylic flowers and leaves. Flowers include morning glories, dogwoods, baby's breath, Iris, Calla Lilies, colorful leaves.... Lightweight and saturated with color, these flowers are great for any project that needs them in clusters and colors.

Myra Nicholas:
Charm and Kit Diva
PJ Sweeney:
Glass Diva

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Charms decorate, dangle, tell stories and add motion to every project. Great for making jewelry or decorating accessories. Some are classic and understated, expand on the theme of your item, and some are fun, in your face and take your piece to a whole new level. Product questions? Email

Save 15-30% with Mixed & Match Partz: 14 categories (the best of our "partz") for you to make your own bundle... designer pricing AND a wide variety of choices!

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(Flowers, Garden Tools, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Bees and more)

Garden Mixes  and Garden Critter Mix  Flowers & Leaves Butterflies Ladybug Dragonfly 


Rhinestone & Enamel Flower and Veggie Garden

garden charms, fruit charms, dragonfly, flower, ladybug charm, orange charm, garden tools charm
All that glitters can now be in your garden. This beautiful mix of rhinestone-studded and brightly enameled fruit and flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, bees, and garden tools plus a few fairys for fun. The best of our high-end "grown your own" charms in a sparkling array of colors and sizes, ... whatever you pick makes quite a statement!

Available in flower or fruit assortments, matched pairs.

Flowers & Leaves Only

Matched Flower Pairs

Flowers, Leaves Butterfly Dragonfly, Bee, Ladybug

Matched Pairs

Veggies, Fruit, Ladybugs, Bees
Garden Tools,

Flower, Fruit, Everything Mix

Glass Flower Garden with Ladybugs, Bees, Turtles, Frogs, Butterflies and Dragonflies

Bright, unique mix of well-detailed lampwork glass garden dwellers and flowers. Flowers range from daisy-type flat petals, calla lilies, roses and some i can't identify. The colorful ladybugs have great acccents, the green turtle, tadpole and frog are adorable, the bees are bright yellow with black stripes. Our butterfly and dragonfly stock varies, so you'll get a mix of colors! Please ask before you order more than 2 dozenof any specific mix. All have hole sizes that will fit thin cord. The glass lampwork is pretty sturdy, but do be careful with your designs... the bee wings, flower petals, etc... need their "space" We'll pack everything very carefully.


Glass Bees and Flowers

Turtles, Frogs, Worms

Ladybug, Flower, Dragonfly, Butterfly


Ladybugs, Bees & Flowers-W/Birds

Garden of Delight

garden charms, fruit charms, dragonfly, flower, ladybug charm, orange charm, garden tools charm
A lovely mix of garden produce, visitors and tools. We've got strawberries, tomatoes, radishes, oranges, all 3-D shapes with detailed enamel color. Flowers with frogs, butterflies, dragonflies and ladybugs in deep detail, with color touches. Tiny 2-sided dragonflies, rhinestone fruit beads.. all this mixed together into a delightful garden mix. Available in assortments or matched pairs.

Matched Pairs

Garden Critters: Colorful Snails, plus Ladybugs, Dragonflies, Butterflies, Frog in bright enamel on Leaf!

A nice mix of everything garden delicately sitting on its own leaf. Beautiful and unique! They're pretty small, and kinda curvy in shape. The snails actually are about the same size as the leaf, so they're pretty big. We'll try and give you an assortment of butterfly colors, but we got them in a big mix, so we can't guarantee!

Critter Mix ($5.50)


Snails Only ($4.95)


Butterfly, Dragonfly, Bee and More Spacers

bee charms, bird charms, butterfly charms

Medium and Small Butterfly, Dragonfly, Bird, Bee, Star, Flower and wings Spacer Beads just perfect for small accents, mixing with gemstone fetish beads or just about anything else! We've strung them on a headpin with a glass leaf end. And guess what? We've got these to sell as well!

Mix Bee, Bird, Butterfly, Dragonfly, Star, Flower (all-metal & acrylic)

Mix Butterfly, Dragonfly, Star, Flower (all shown-metal & acrylic)

Mix Bee, Bird, Butterfly, Dragonfly (all metal)

Mix Butterfly, Dragonfly, Star
(all metal)

Pewter Wings

Glass Leaf-Tipped Headpin

Rhinestone Tools for Fancy Gardeners!

rhinestone hammer, screwdriver, scissors charms

Unique and well made, shiny bright "tools of the trade" charms are amazing.
Trowel, Garden Fork, Scissors, Knife
Brightly polished metal has well-set rhinestones.

Silver Garden Tools (only 14 left)

Order 7 Charms

Order 14 Charms

Traditional Gardening Charms!

garden tool charms, garden charms, gloves charm

Well made and nicely enameled, all the necessities of garden upkeep in charm form. Spade and fork, Watering can and flower pot, and gloves with pruning shears, spade and fork, pruning shears, potted plant and lawn mower... nicely paired, enameled and looking perfect for jewelry. Good detail and decent size.


Adorable miniature Garden Charms

garden tool charms, garden charms, plant flower charm
Delightfully detailed garden charms with perfect enamel color
dollhouse-sized plants, pruning shears, watering can, trowel and more are smaller than a dime, useful for all types of adornments, and priced for fun.



Fancy Flowers

rhinestone flower charm, copper petal flowers, rhinestone plant charm
Rhinestone centered daises and lilies, copper, silver and brass-colored finishes surround rhinestones or bunches of beads, this is a very unique mix. Very 3-D, they are a very special mix. All are well made, high quality and fabulous.

Rhinestone Flowers

click on photo to view larger image.rhinestone flower charms
Wonderful rhinestone flowers shimmer and shine. Perfect accents for any project, these beauties are elegant and very well made. Great for eveningwear, delightful dangle for fancy handbags or corsage accent, or give your favorite pet a royal collar!

Sparkly Flower Mix

flower charms, rose charms
All types of flower designs, from rhinestone petals on filigree fans, to glittery centers on enamel metal flowers, different shapes, flowers with rhinestone or glass beaded centers. This mix has it all. Some have a button-shank type loop, some have a pendant type bail, some have a simple hole... but they're all quite unique! If you love them, let us know. we're tyring to get more!!


bright enamel flower charms
We hunted and hunted and found more of them for you! They were such a hit and there's even more color in the mix. Lovely bright enamel flowers are fabulous for anything, fringes, earrings, key rings--the list goes on. Cast metal with nice detailing, they're a big plus to every project.


Vibrant Color Trumpet Flowers

flower charms, rose charms
Brilliant enameled trumpet flowers are a wonderful accent! These 3-D charms have bright enamel with a bright silver center and stem. We've got Yellow, Red and Blue and they're extremely well made.

leaves charm, leaf charm, metal leaf charm

Variegated Leaf Mix!!

A veritable potpourri of leaf shapes and colors await your pleasure. From traditional enameled leaf shapes in shades of green to ornate designs cut out of silver and hammered copper shapes, to cast detail on silver tone and gold tone charms. .

Lovely to look at and fun to play with, they have a lot of potential for any project, be it 3-D or jewelry.

Leaf Mix

Leaf Pairs

aluminum rose charm, aluminum rose bead
Red Aluminum Roses

Lightweight, but color-drenched aluminum roses have a center hole, making them easy to hang from earwires or anything else you might want!!.


aluminum rose charms, tiny rose charms

Plated Rose Petal Charms

Lovely 3-D roses with colorful petals that curl invitingly. Each rose is mounted on a backing and has a loop for hanging.


Simple Flowers and Leaves

flower charms, rose charms
Daisys, lilies, finely detailed flower charms in silver, plus leaves in silver and bronze.... a great mix of flower and leaf shapes with just an accent of color!

A Leaf for all seasons...

enamel leaf charm, fall leaf charm, colorful leaf charm
I call this the "dappled leaf". Could be considered fall colors, or just a beautiful all-season leaf look. It goes with any type of flower or design. Hand enameled cast leaf sports 3 distinct colors, each applied by hand and deeply saturated. High quality casting, thick enamel coating, this is a very well made charm.

Acrylic Flower Drops

rhinestone flower charm, copper petal flowers, rhinestone plant charm Our exclusive matt acrylic flowers, each carefully put on headpins with a fancy center glass bead, then finished with a small bead cap and a loop for attaching them to your project of choice. (you can see --and purchase separately--the flowers, colors and shapes on our altered pieces page)

Resin Flowers

Resin Flowers, Pink, Purple and Blue Flower Embellishments
Beautifully detailed flowers look like candy! These amazingly detailed flowers are 3-D with a flat back for gluing. They make spectacular earrings, buttons, decorations for hair accessories... just delightful. I'm tempted to put a rhinestone in the center! They are available with a horizontal hole for beading, please ask for details.

Resin Flowers, Pink, Purple and Blue Flower Embellishments
A decent size for a pendant or earrings, these flower beads are 6/8" in diameter. they're not too heavy, but feel like stone, and the colors are randomly mixed. If you are ordering 6, we can probably match the color. For 12, give us a range of colors


Fancy Leaf Charms

Filigree, Cutout, Etched, Patina.... all these leaf charms are quite unique!! We're hoping to get more of the fancy filigree, and we do have a number of the ginko leaves that have been tinted spring green (photo coming). But this mix is special!! Most of the charms are cast metal or stamped metal, the really large one seems to be either a very lightweight metal, or a resin with plating.


Rhinestone Leaf Charms

click on photo to view larger image.leaf bunch, rhinestone leaf charm, rhinestone bunch charm

Rhinestone Leaves

Bright Sparkly Rhinestone Leaf Bunches in fabulous colors. These 5-stone flower dangles are perfect accents to any floral motif! Flat back, rhinestones nicely set into detailed branch with leaves. Nice assortment of colors!


Rhinestone Butterflies by the Pair

rhinestone butterfly pendant, rhinestone butterfly charm, fiigree butterfly

Studded with colorful Rhinestones on a bright filigree casting, these butterflies are incredibly beautiful and come in left and right facing designs. Sold by the pair they make wonderful necklace centerpieces, bookmark charms, even a fancy clasp for a glittery evening bag. They may look delicate, but they're quite solid!


By Color

Rhinestone-Studded Butterfly with 2 Rings!

rhinestone butterfly charms

Silvery filigree-style casting is studded with 6 bright shiny rhinestones in a variety of colors. The 2-ring design makes this charm a great design element. Link rows of charms together for chandelier earrings, mix in pieces of chain for a glittering rhinestone-accented collar, attach one end to a hem and add cording for a decorative tassel.

Marbelized -Finish Resin Butterfly Beads

A decent size for a pendant, these butterflies are 1 3/8" wide and about 3/4" High (3.8 cm x 2.4 cm), they're not too heavy, but feel like stone, and the colors are randomly mixed. If you are ordering 2, we can probably match the color. For 6, give us a range of colors

Pricing: 6 for $4.75


butterfly beads

Tiny Acrylic Butterflies!

Petite lightweight butterflies, perfect for kids jewelry, these 1/2" wide by a wee bit shorter (14mm by 11mm), with a decent sized hole fits thin cording and stretch cord. You'll get a mix of colors.

Hand Carved Bone Butterfly Beads

Very cool carved bone butterfly beads, just add a head pin and make a loop to get a charm. I've got almost 4 dozen, so quantity is limited.

Pricing: 6 for $4.50 $8.00/dozen


rhinestone butterfly charm

Rhinestone-Studded Butterfly!

Bright Sparkly Rhinestones are set in the center of small bright silver Butterflies. The charms are small, have a flat back and even though they don't look that thick, they are remarkably well made. The butterfly wings are slightly curved to cup the rhinestone.

rhinestone butterfly loop earring, rhinestone butterfly charm

Rhinestone Butterfly Loops (great for earrings)!

Six Bright Sparkly Rhinestones are set the wings of bright silver Butterflies. The butterflies are soldered to the loop, but have loops at top and bottom for dangling beads or small charms. At the bottom of the loop there's a bright silver slider with a loop that moves around the loop easily. Great earring parts, a lovely pendant piece, and my personal favorite, i made a beautiful shade pull with a nice chain tassel

Butterfly Mix

butterfly charmsbutterfly charms
Fabulous colorful butterflies and dragonflies in a nice mixture of colors. Dime shows size of charms. Red, orange, yellow accent the butterflies . Perfect for those wanting to "mix it up" with the flying crowd. Lots of pretty colors and lots of fun!

fabric-butterflies beadsNetting and Rhinestone Butterflies

They're unique and very sweet, perfect for a little girl's outfit, headband, even a bracelet! We have 2 sizes, each has a 3" stem on it so you can use it for beading or wire wrapping. The small is 1 1/4" wide, the larger one is 2 1/4" wide.




flock of butterfly charms
Colorful butterflies flock in groups. Nicely stamped and enameled on both sides, these clusters of filigree-style butterfly charms are delightfully bright and classy. A unique way to add color and style to anything, You'll find hundreds of uses of these beauties.


brass filigree butterfly charm

Brass Filigree Butterfly!

Fabulous design, solid stamping, this 2" wide butterfly filigree is amazing. Perfect for fairy wings, can be decorated to make a delightful butterfly design.
12 for $13.25

Filigree Butterfly

Fabulous 1 5/8" wide filigree butterfly with wings just ready to take off!

Marcasite Style Butterfly with Black Detail

marcasite butterfly pendant

Large, fabulously detailed cast butterfly charms have wonderful black cabochon detail! Super high quality charms are not lightweight! We have only 4 of them. $8
Large, fabulously detailed cast marcasite-style butterfly profile charms in 3-D! Super high quality charms are not lightweight! We have only 4 of them. $8

4 Butterfly Profile Charms
4 Butterfly Charms with Black inlay

Pressed Glass Butterfly Beads

A delightful mix of colors and shapes, these butterflies are a mix of colors and details. Most have a vertical hole,however, i think the blue and red have a horizontal hole. We do have a few more that i haven't gotten a chance to photograph yet, however they are similar in shape and design. (We have more pressed glass garden-themed beads, flowers of all sizes, butterflies and more.. )

Glass Butterflies

Small Acrylic Butterfly "Stones" (or charms)

butterfly charmbutterfly charm

Cute Acrylic Butterfly "Stones" They're perfect for glue-on uses, but can also be hung or sewn through the very small holes on either side of the antennae. They've got a flat back and are about 10mm.



butterfly charms, moth charm

Faceted Butterfly Bead

Half the size of a dime, these delightful, unique looking butterfly beads make any piece of jewelry look special. The bead is 2-sided, the same faceting is on both sides, and lightweight. You can easily tint them with enamel, acrylic or glass paint and get a rainbow of colors. The hole is vertical, from top to bottom.


Rhinestone Dragonflies

rhinestone dragonfly charm
Tiny dragonflies with sparkly rhinestone heads and faceted black eyes are ready to fly with you.
These are beautifully made charms, with an antique silver finish and are solidly made. Top quality and although very small, not delicate at all.

Cute Colorful Dragonflies! Bright Enamel Colors!

painted dragonfly charm, rhinestone dragonfly charm
Cute enamel Dragonfly charms
are a show-stopper! Bright color enamel, very nicely made sized well for earrings, necklaces or zipper pulls and more! Purple, Amber, Red, Lavender, colorful and delightful.


dragonfly charms

Dragonflies Only

Very pretty blues and greens compliment these cast charms. Traditional look of these charms, they're delightful in all styles of jewelry. Perfect for garden charms and mix well (play well" with all the butterflies they come in contact with!


Make it Winged!

Add graceful victorian-type wings to any 2 beads and voila! instant Butterfly! Well made pewter "wings" have vertical hole and a nice curved bottom and top to accommodate most sizes of beads. Delightful for parties!


Marcasite Style Dragonfly

marcasite dragonlfypendant

Large, fabulously detailed cast marcasite-style dragonfly charms in 3-D! Super high quality charms are not lightweight! We have only 2 of them. $4

Raw Brass Dragonfly!

brass dragonfly embellishment Spectacular, detailed and a full 2" wide, this dragonfly has the feel of a tiffany treasure in the making, and turns any book, box or bag into a work of art.

12 for $13.25


ladybug charms

The unTraditional Ladybug

Very unique style and amazingly solid!! Colorful ladybug charms are very 3-D the "wings" on the body stand out from a solid color body which gives it a lot of brightness, and you get a variety of fabulous colors!


Rhinestone Ladybugs!

rhinestone ladybug
Jewel-studded rhinestone ladybugs are tiny and beautiful! Little sparkly-studded wings cover larger rhinestone body and have a flat bottom perfect for gluing onto any surface! If you want to use them as charms, then just glue a small silver-toned bail onto the flat back to hang. Fabulous for hair ornaments, adorning flower-shaped castings, or adding a sparkle to any accessory.


Marcasite-Style Ladybugs

marcasite style ladybug
Large, fabulously detailed cast ladybug charms in 3-D! Super high quality charms are not lightweight! We have only 4 of them. $8

Traditional Tree of Life!

tree of life

Beautifully cast symbolic tree is well detailed and ready for you to add your own unique interpretation to it.



fruit charms, peppers, strawberry, tomato, orange, bananna, radish charms, garden charms

Our Fruit is "ALWAYS IN SEASON" Strawberries, cherries, white turnips, hot peppers are added to yellow bananas, kiwi slices, oranges, apples and red tomatoes to make a colorful banquet of delight! Brilliantly enameled, well made and fabulous, these charms are ready to be picked.

Fruit Mix

Fruit Charms in Pairs

cherry charm, strawberry charm
Cherries and Berries

Beautiful, shiny red cherries and berries are fabulous!. Well made, sturdy, perfect for any project!! The color really shimmers!

pear charms, strawberry charms, grape bunch charm, fruit charm

3-D Fruit Charms. Lightweight, bright and surprisingly fun, these colorful fruit charms are fun!

Fruit charms have an epoxy coating, and hang from short chains. Nicely done, very lush.

Fruit Mix

Fruit Charms in Pairs

rhinestone fruit charm, orange charm, charry charm, green apple charm, grape bunch charm

Bright Sparkly Rhinestone Fruit in bead form These beauties are actually beads OR charms. The back of the rhinestone-studded fruit has a tab with a set of holes for stringing OR you can put them on a head pin and make them into charms.

Rhinestone Cherry

rhinestoen fruit charm, rhinestone cherry charm

Bright Sparkly Rhinestone Cherries in bead form These beauties are actually beads OR charms. The back of the rhinestone-studded berries has a tab with a set of holes for stringing OR you can put them on a head pin and make them into charms.


Very Small Radishes and Carrots

radish, vegetable charmcarrot, vegetable charm

Tiny little radishes with delightful detail. One-sided charms in an antique silver tone. We have only 5 of them. $3.50

Tiny Carrots
with delightful detail. One-sided charms in an antique gold tone. We have 2 of them. $1.50 for both.

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