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Add jump ring: $6/doz

Add a clasp: $7.50/doz

Charms on earwires: $9/doz (6 PR)

Polymer Clay Photo Transfers


Unique and charming, these handcrafted polymer clay transfers make great pendants. These 1-2" translucent shapes are less than 1/8" thick, have a small hole drilled for hanging, and can be purchased with a gloss surface coat or uncoated for collage. Find out more.

Myra Nicholas:
Charm and Kit Diva
PJ Sweeney:
Glass Diva

About Us

Our partz can make your project unique!


Charms decorate, dangle, tell stories and add motion to every project. Great for making jewelry or decorating accessories. Some are classic and understated, expand on the theme of your item, and some are fun, in your face and take your piece to a whole new level. Product questions? Email

Save 15-30% with Mixed & Match Partz: 14 categories (the best of our "partz") for you to make your own bundle... designer pricing AND a wide variety of choices!

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Handmade Jewelry    Handmade Jewelry     Handmade Jewelry

Dresses       Casual Clothes       Mens'       Handbags       Shoes       Hats

Darling Red Ruffled, Rhinestone-Accented Dress

At last!! Nicely made red dresses in charm size are back!! Beautiful Ruffled Dresses are enameled in bright red and are adorned with rhinestones on the belt. Very well made, fairly high end charms are cast and have a silverplate finish.


Very well made 3-D, 2-sided enameled over silverplate dresses in aqua, purple, red and pink. About 1" from hem to top of ring, these bright dresses are a fabulous find!

Pink Dress Charms

Pink Dress charms that shimmer. 4 distinctly fashionable pink gowns in lovely flowing styles on hangers make a great display. Solid cast charms with bright pink enamel. The color is soft, not harsh, the enamel looks like more of a shimmer than a solid opaque. Reminds me of a silky satiny fabric. Very beautiful.

Animal Print Dresses-Choose Pendant or Charm-Sized

Super high quality dresses are hand-enameled with a delightful animal print. Charms are well made, cast, with a serious weight and substance to them. I am not sure that we have more than 2 dozen of them. They are a bit pricey, but the quality is fabulous. 6 for $5.40. We have Pendant-sized to match.

Large Dresses


"Jeans and a T-Shirt" Charms- Choose painted, or paint your own!

Adorable casual clothing charms are brightly enameled. The jeans look like retro 60's bell bottoms with lace and flowers..... the t-shirt is supposed to say "Kiss Me", but sorta says "K S Me"... We've got a large quantity of them, the came in the silver tone... but just for a lark, we decided to paint them with glass/metal paint and nail enamel!! Very easy to paint, the design keeps the paint in place!! A dozen of the silver tone (mixed t-shirt and jeans) is only $4.50... but if you MUST get them already painted.... then a dozen runs $7.50

Silver Jeans and T

Painted Jeans and T

Same charms, but we painted them!

Fabulous 3-D Red Enamel Dresses are 2-sided, have hollow centers and fabulous detail!
NOW You can buy them individually PLUS get a Pair of Red Pumps to match!

Incredibly well made red dresses that are not only 2-sided, but you can even bead through the straps and from top to bottom The bright red glaze is vibrant, some dresses have details that are in silver or in black, under the glaze. Charms are well made, cast, with a serious weight and substance to them. Since they cost more than our usual charms, we're also selling them individually. Buy 2 or more and you'll get 2 red heel charms perfectly sized for each dress (charm loop at heel end) and doll-making tips.

Bronze Dress and Matching Shoes Charms

Dainty flowing bronze dress, one-sided, measure about 3/4" and is delightfully posed for a fashion forward look. Add our cute, 3/4" bronze-finished shoes for an adorable accent to our bronze dress. Well made charms.



Mix (half of each)

Cute Petticoat Dresses!

Adorable little dresses in bright, fun colors are so charming! You can se the bloomers in silver tone below! Well cast, and very well enameled, they are darling! And yes, the center is "hollow" so you can sew them a heart, or even drop in a small gemstone. They are one-sided, fun and just playful! I couldn't resist! They feel as good as they look, nothing cheap about them.


Snow White's Dress

You can almost see snow white wearing this beautiful dress, with a lace up bodice and a flowing skirt. This dress charm can be easily tinted with metal or glass paint (or if you're clever, thinned nail polish) and it will look fabulous!


Pretty Party Dresses

Pretty Ruffled Party Dresses on hangers just waiting for a night on the town. 2-Sided good quality cast dress charms are very well made and have a great flair. I just couldn't resist these charming dreses when i saw them. (and a great deal... shipping was less than half of the usual absurd amount)


Rhinestone Tie and Tails

Fabulous Morning Coat decorated with a pink flower, rhinestone-studded front and brightly enameled in white is ready for a fabulous evening or wedding. Super high quality charms are well made, very well detailed and we'll be adding more from the same folks! Very beautiful.

Rhinestone Shirt and Tie

Bright white shirts feature a pink tie and dark purple rhinestones. Super high quality charms are well made, very well detailed and we'll be adding more from the same folks!


Casual Clothes: T's and Capri's, Ruffled Blouses

Adorable little outfits with big hearts. Brightly enameled in pink, black and blue, the quality of these charms is evident.

They are one-sided, fun and just playful! A bit on the "cute kids" side, but this type of charm is a rare find. They feel as good as they look, nothing cheap about them.


Cute Ruffled Blouses!

Pretty ruffled Blouses in bright colors go with anything!! Delightful detail of lacy v-neck, sides and lovely swirled scarf that matches. Well cast, and very well enameled, they are darling! They are one-sided, fun and just playful! I couldn't resist! They feel as good as they look, nothing cheap about them.


Coordinating Clothes? Attitude Attire?

A wonderful mixture of fancy tops, workout bras, Sassy T-shirt, "mod" glasses, gear bag, and pants! And in coordinating colors!! Perfect for bracelets and earrings, zipper pulls and shadowboxes. What a grouping!

You'll get a wide assortment of these charms, lots of colors, tops and bottoms, all beautifully enameled. ASSORTED ONLY!


A Real Mixed Bag!

Totes to satchel style, summer basket to designer two-tone this is a mixed bag set. They're enamel, 1-sided but 3-D, and are cast metal. We can't sell them as individuals in large quantities because we get them as a mix. Please indicate if you need earring pairs.

New Enamel Purses

Very simple, 2-tone handbags color coordinate beautifully with our 3-D dresses. The measure about 3/4" tall and are enameled on one side only. ASSORTED ONLY!

Tropical Print Handbags!

Tropical theme handbag mix. Well made, nicely enameled and very sturdy, perfect for a vacation-themed project. They're brightly polished and cast metal, with enamel accents. Passion flowers, palm trees, sandals, pineapples and lots of color!


Mini-Bags (ok, Doll-sized)

pink ribbon charm, pink ribbon hand bag charm, breast cancer ribbon charm

This is a unique mix of smaller-than usual handbags, just perfect for kids jewelry, doll accessories, or whatever else floats your boat.... They're enamel, 1-sided but 3-D, and are cast metal. We can offer matched pair of bags

Assorted Colors

Matched PR (2)

Limited Edition Very Fancy Bags and Shoes

Delicious, delightful and oh so fun. Animal print heels and bags, faux tortise shell bags, a journal, cell phone and appropriate hat all in a very limited quantity, but delightful

Mix Choices

PR Choices

Flapper-Style meets 2-tone charms

Marvelously funky fans, granny boots and flapper evening bags in 2-tone metal These delightful charms were made from old molds and it has been a while since i have seen them. Just had to get more. Wonderful for scrapbooks, party favors, the unique token for a memorable trip, these charms are great!

Our Fancy Bag and Heels Mix

The best of all of our fancy bags and shoes all brought together!!
Delicious cast theme handbags, and nice pumps in a wonderful mix!! Good quality. You'll find colorful dragonfly and butterfly designs, Summer sun and fun, earth tone and tortoise shell colors, palm tree and fruit enameled bags (see matching pendant). All designs in limited quantity, earring pairs in specific designs available.

Fashion Heels, Flats and Hats!!

Colorful, fun and quirky, here's a mix of funky hats, pumps, heels, sandals and flats. Everything brightly enameled, high quality casting and quite unique! We've got a limited number of this mix, but there's a lot of variety. perfect for jewelry-type dolls and even cute earrings! We're very low on heels. They are all cast charms and 3-D.


Hats & Flip Flops with rhinestones!

Red Hat Charms with Austrian Crystal crystals around band of hat.. center AB crystal (one-sided, but enameled red on reverse):
Thong Charms with 6 tiny crystals forming a flower on "toe" of thong and bands covered with crystals as well. 3-D. $4.00 each or $18/ half dozen

4 Crystal Red Hat Charms
4 Crystal Flip Flop Charms


School Themed Handbag charms!

School theme handbags, fruit theme handbags and nurse themed handbags, a nice mix of all 3


pink ribbon charm, pink ribbon hand bag charm, breast cancer ribbon charm
Pink Ribbon Bags . Adorable and unique, Fabulous new style handbag w/pink ribbon design features bright polished silver tone bag with pink enamel ribbons and hearts PLUS adorable pearl-handle on the ribbon bags. Very high quality design well executed!


Adorable teensy tiny love letters and diary icons are so well cast, 3-D, sturdy, and incredibly detailed! Perfect for all types of uses, and they can even be tinted with glass paint or nail polish!! Great wedding theme, memory book charm, best friends jewelry!


Fancy Fruit bags

Little Fruit bags!! Good quality. Matching our larger fruit bags, these beauties are cute!!.

Large Fruit-Themed Pendant Handbag Opens UP!!!

Fruit Handbags!! Fabulous fruit bags, pendant sized, with a lid that opens to allow all kinds of charming things inside! With green glass beaded handle, are brightly decorated with vivid color fruit and make you want to smile!! Fabulous quality!! Add a dozen fruit charms and SAVE!

BIG Nurse's Purses

Adorable Nurse-theme Purses large pendant-sized beauties. Complete with nurse theme decor, band-aids, a cute chart, nurse hat and they open up for you to stuff goodies inside!

Pendant-Size Purse

Set: 1 Pendant/2 Small

Little Nurse's Purses

Adorable Nurse-theme Purses small. Complete with nurse hat and pretty peal-studded handles!

Purse Only

Colorful 3-D Pumps

A Mix of 3-D 2-sided Pumps, mules and platforms that are perfect for doll-making, charm jewelry. anywhere you need to see both sides! Black, Red, Purple, Blue and Green Heels are all fabulous!

Assorted Enamel Heels

Hot Red Enamel 3-D Rhinestone Boot!!

Just fabulous!! 2-sided, 3-D, rhinestone accented and high end red boots! Delightful red boots are fun and fashionable! Nicely sized for dolls, jewelry or any other adornment, these charms are pretty solid, so they can stand up to a lot of use!

Red Rhinestone Boots

Flip Flops By Theme and Color!

Flip Flops in Bright Colors! Pretty and bright, these lovely flip flops are fabulous in pink, orange, green and purple!!.

Soccer Ball Flip Flops. Soccer ball decorates the front of these delightful well made flip flops with the traditional black and white design. These flip flops are so pretty that if you like the shape and color, you can just pretend the soccer ball is an abstract design and no one will be the wiser! They are 3-D and just fantastic!

Multicolor "Jeweled" Enamel Flip Flops Pretty and bright, these lovely flip flops have been enameled to give the look of multicolored jeweled straps. Well made, very consistent even thought they are hand painted.

Black and White Daisy Flip Flops! Adorably fashioned flip flops look just like a miniature of the real thing! They are very well cast and enameled. Sturdy charms can take life as a zipper pull or cell phone charm. Extremely well made and little touches like a rope-line sole on the bottom make this charm a winner!

Multicolor Flip Flops

Soccer Ball Flip Flops

Multi-Jewled Flip Flops

Daisy Assorted
Daisy Flip Flops

Daisy Pairs

Red Hat Flip Flops

Red Hat Flip Flops are adorable!! Tiny flip flops about the size of a dime are charmingly enameled and fabulously detailed to create something very special for the red hat ladies. They may be small in size, but these flip flops have a design that packs a big wallop!

Rhinestone Kids' Mary Jane Shoes

So cute, these little Mary Jane Kid Shoes in bright colors. Sporting hearts, rhinestones and a white strap, this is a dressy shoe. They are smaller than a quarter, but marvelously detailed. Great for anything from a key chain to a dainty bracelet, its a shoe that goes with everything! Wonderfully well made.

1 PR Rhinestone Shoes (2)$1.95
3 PR Rhinestone Shoes (6) $6.50
6 PR Rhinestone Shoes (12) $10.00

2-Sided, 3-D Beautiful Marcasite-Style Heels in Pewter!

Finished in Antique pewter, these fabulously made heels are 1" from the top ring to the bottom of the toe. Cast in the US from vintage molds, this style is a classic!

Funky Shoes, boots and heels!!

I just have to call them phunky shooz!! In solid well-cast antique silver metal, these detailed footware icons just make me giggle! Cowboy boot, a totally decked out platform shoe that looks very 1970's, a relatively sedate pump, and the traditional loafer make up this mix.

Fancy Hats with Rhinestones

Bright Sparkly Rhinestone banded hats with bows in bead form These beauties are actually beads OR charms. The back of the pink, blue, white or rose has a tab with a set of holes for stringing OR you can put them on a head pin and make them into charms. You can get them with the headpin in place for an extra $1

Gold and Colorful Enamel Sun Hats

Beautifully enameled in pastels, these pretty sun hats are just waiting for the perfect Sun-Day to be enjoyed! Stamped Metal, good enamel coverage.

Silver tone Baseball Caps!

Adorable 3-D baseball caps, complete with stitching detail. Antique silver finish, and easily tinted with glass or metal paint. The caps are 2-sided (see photo) and very small, perfect for use with miniatures. Nice solid metal, not too heavy, and really high quality!


More hats

Mesh Hats with Enamel Bows. Quite fun and funky. The size of a quarter. The hole is in the mesh, opposite the bow. asst'd colors & styles


Many of you purchase for resale and ask about wholesale pricing for charms. We have a very low margin on our charm prices, and offer a 30-40% "designer discount" on this site.. However, if you purchase over $200 in charms, you can take 15% off your order charm order total. (brass butterfly dragonfly and filigree charms are not discounted). This cannot be combined with a shipping discount. (Our importers have tripled their shipping costs to the US) This is easiest way for you to estimate what your purchase will be.

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*Orders must total $30 before shipping is calculated. Discounts on purchases over $200 show up in your total (US orders only.... please inquire on international). $15 added to orders under $30. Free US shipping and insurance on orders over $500. Fees and discounts are included in shipping total.

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