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Myra Nicholas:
Charm and Kit Diva
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About Us

Our partz can make your project unique!


We heard your requests and have made our designer pieces available for purchase. Each one is an original, hand crafted by Myra Anson Nicholas. These one-of-a-kind pieces celebrate the chaos of creativity, the joy of design and the exploration of new materials. Questions? Email

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Handmade Jewelry    Handmade Jewelry     Handmade Jewelry

Handcrafted Jewelry and Gifts:
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Necklaces:      Wire Wrap Mix Media      Polymer Clay      All of the Above

Floral Jungle: Bird on a Vine

Made with toggle bracelets, earring loops, charms, wire with glass leaves , pearls, aluminum roses and more twisted in place plus our signature matt acrylic flowers, this necklace evokes the feel of a wild jungle with butterflies, dragonflies and flowers, frozen in time but ready to come alive and grow once again when worn by the right person.


Floral Jungle: Roses with Rhinestone Ladybugs, Flowers & Fairy

Made from rhinestone-linked toggle bracelets, charms, twisted wire with glass leaves polymer flower cups, glass spears and czech pressed glass flowers, this necklace gives the feel of a mystical garden by moonlight. Rhinestone charms, bright silver accents and teal-painted roses all add a sense of unearthly beauty.


Floral Jungle: Vintage Transformation

It started with a sad, abused vintage flower pin with rhinestones... and got a new life with paint, wire coil pistils and stamen replaced threadbare bead strands, and from there it just grew! Large linked chain leaves plenty of room to weave glass and lucite flowers, leaves, charms and beads up from the focal flower like wild vines grow through a fence. A splendid mix of "partz" from the 40's, 60's, and 90's make this 21st century necklace unique.


Fantasy Wild Vines with Colorful Critters

Made from toggle bracelets, rhinestone-studded butterfly earring loops, charms, painted metal flowers, twisted wire with glass leaves carved gemstone fetish, czech pressed glass flowers & leaves, this necklace illustrates the fantasy of a world taken over by plant life and the wildlife that inhabits it. Totally over the top and outrageous, it makes a statement in any urban environment.


Floral Jungle: Leaf & Flower Riot

See full-size image.

Made from rhinestone-linked toggle bracelets, clusters of matt finished acrylic flower and leaf beads, charms, twisted wire with glass leaves, filigree-winged butterfly, austrian crystals, and czech pressed glass flowers, this necklace was the first one of the entire Floral Jungle series. Flowers are wired to a filigree centerpiece with glass butterflies all around.


Floral Filigree: Floral Hues with Turquoise Beads

See full-size image.

Strung with glass beads, crystals, hand painted beads, rhinestone butterflies, glass fringe beads and czech pressed glass flowers, this necklace sings a permanent spring song. Turquoise beads are made from bamboo and dyed. A filigree centerpiece contains clusters of glass flowers.


Falling Leaf Necklace

See full-size image.

Made last fall, when i was inspired by the colors of the leaves... The center stone is a jasper (i think from botswana), and other than the polymer clay leaves i made (they are sculpted on both sides), my principal materials were unakite, jade, sunstone and some wonderful tiny bamboo beads that i dyed with water-based ink (and it took FOREVER) to dry.


Linking Rings Memory Leaf Necklace

See full-size image.

This fabulous necklace (i was soo pleased to see that it turned out well... it was an experiment with ring-sized memory wire and multi-strand bridges. It got pretty complex pretty fast, when the memory wire suddenly lost it's "wrap".... but i knew my components could take the stress. The leaves (large and small) are, of course polymer clay with a makume game outer layer (used rust, gold and green pearl-ex, metallic leaf, and layered a think sheet of rust every 5th layer) Othe rthan the clay and memory wire.. i combined dyed freshwater pearls (top-drilled) in cranberry, goldenrod and several greens, the silver-toned 2-strand bridge had a nice stamped design that added a nice element, and i sprinkled in foil-lined glass "e" beads in reds and golds.


Colorful Clay Cluster

Strung with hand-crafted polymer clay beads, foil-lined glass beads, and fancy bead caps, with glass and lucite leaf drops. The center focal point is a cluster of multicolored polymer clay flowers with coil-covered wire spirals and pearl-tips


Floral Wrapped Circle Pandants

Yess, it is "Betty Baroque" getting busy on a seemingly unassuming circle pendant necklace, a leftover from another request. Choosing a green/yellow springtime palette for the first one, and a blue/purple jeweltone scheme for the second, i raided my bead boxes for supplies. For both pendants, i found translucent glass dagger beads, drop beads and shaped wire coil to start me going. (email me for full instructions..) The glass leaf, butterfly and flower drops for the green, and the blue leaf, gekko and purple rose for the second gave me direction.

Green: $35.00
Blue/Purple: $35.00

Handcrafted Earrings: Bronze Filigree and Polymer Clay Inlay

Using a technique i developed about 2 years ago (and have written articles about it- contact me if you want infoprmation) I paint the filigree with an alcohol-based dye (some are translucent, some are opaque) then i roll out a very thin sheet of translucent and slice thin pieces of makume game (using a modified opalgeer techniques, but only using pearl-ex). I firmly press the clay into the filigree, so it adheres, but does not tear. After backing, i quench it in ice water.

These earrings use a flower-shaped filigree, folded in half, with the headpin coming out of the middle. Very lightweight, the clay inlay is translucent.
This pair uses one of my favorite gothic-inspired filigree pieces, with a somewhat brighter and more vibrant inlay effect. The filigree has been painted with a translucent dark green, giving the bronze finish a darker more aged look. I have sandwiched the clay in between 2 filigree pieces, so that you get a finished look.

Pins and Pendants : Mixed Media Run Amok

This particular group of items says a lot about my range of tinting, adhering, accenting and finishing the incredibly wide range of materials i use. The pins are a mixed media collage of vintage and rescued materials, finished with wire and a water-based sealer.

On the pendant side, the techniques i've used to get a specific effect has brought out the engineer and scientist i didn't know i had. The Rhinestone-studded pendant was once a very ugly big brown bead. Acrylics, enamels, mica, rhinestones, bits of chain, hand-tinted vintage white lily beads end happily with fringe-beads.

The teardrop pendant was structurally useful, the "pot" metal loops said "fringe" to me. Ugly green and orange enamel begged to be hidden. A cameo mold gave me the face, color coordinated charms, crystals and beads festoon the loops.

The bottom two pendants were inspired by a craft "trend" that consisted of buying a flat bezel, cutting out a pattern, photo to fit, then filling it with resin to simulate a "jewel". AAAk, i said. So i made a flat-back bezel from polymer, used my own digital designs, then backfilled with envirotex. Whoo-hoo! I was not impressed.

Two mixed media collage Pins combine vintage jewelry bits, beads, rhinestones, charms, tiny glue-ons and finished with both a mechanical joint (wire) and a filler-type glue to keep every tiny bit in place.
Red-Tinted Brass Vintage Collage Pin: $25.00
Dark blue-Tinted Brass Vintage Collage Pin: $25.00
Shimmering Lily Pendant started with a ugly big brown bead. Acrylics, enamels, mica powder, glue-on rhinestones and bits of chain snake through hand-tinted vintage acrylic white lily beads all end in bubbles of color-lined fringe-beads.
Blue Lily Pendant: $25.00

The teardrop pendant was also a rescue. I liked the shape, the "pot" metal had an edge of loops, the flat, green and orange 60's style funky question mark was transformed with polymer clay. I used a cameo mold for the face, dusted the features with mica, then the loops were filled with color coordinated charms, crystals and beads.
Art Noveau Teardrop Pendant: $35.00

Two flat-backed bezels made with polymer clay, lined with one of my digital designs, then topped off with resin. Much ado about a simple project.. the most fun i had was creating the digital "etch" effect .

"Ghost Flock" Pendant: $25.00
"Sea Shapes" Pendant: $25.00

Handcrafted Polymer Clay Badge Holders: Polymer Clay hand Beaded Badge Holders
Anodized Aluminum Chain, beads accent the surface colors

Different makume game techniques have been used to create a multilayer effect for most of the surfaces, Some feature a dichro cabochon with a clay "bezel". I've used a filigree leaf to create the nice green/gold theme and reinforced it in the beading combo. The Purple badge holder is a transfer i made using my digital design paper.

Note the careful choice of bead shape and color and the order in which they are strung. A combination of balance, weight, color and finish play a very important role.

The back of each badge holder is embedded and then gued into place. Each back has a plastic tab with a snap and a clasp, so that any type of badge will work. Badgeholders run from $18 to $30, depending on the beading and materials. Custom badge holders can be made to suit a theme, color scheme, etc..

Purple/Blue: $20.00
Turquoise: $35.00
Red/Rust: $32.00
White Opal: $35.00
Gold/Green Leaf: $18.00
Pale Blue: $32.00

Handcrafted Seasonal


Wreaths approx 1" dia. They arrive on presentation cards. Each wreath handmade, allow for variations. (see our wreath kits page to make your own)

Our own miniature wreaths are available as finished pins! Made from wire and glass beads, this little jewel can be worn on a jacket, dangle as a pendant, or add a holiday touch to any office. Great office gift for men and women. 3 for $45

We have hair clips decorated with lightweight matt acrylic flowers on equally lightweight aluminum chain. 3 styles: The Large clip is perfect for holding an updo. (imagine a cascade of flowers). The mini clip works well for children, their small size and equally small flowers are perfect for little girls who want to look "dressy". And there's the metal clip that holds even the thinnest of hair. We have them as kits, but you can now get finished clips for holiday gifting!

  Flower-Decorated Hair Clips in 3 Sizes

Holiday Colors: Green, Red and White

Our top-selling
Pearl-edged Sunfaces are marvelous pins or pendants! We've framed our own fabulous sunface with dyed freshwater pearls in complimentary colors to create a masterpiece. These sunfaces as kits are a favorite with NJP customers.
  Sunface pendants are available in several color "themes". Please review our "Pearl Palettes"when choosing sunface colors. Indicate first and second choice colors. $25-30 each.

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Orders must total $30 before shipping is calculated. Discounts on purchases over $200 show up in your total (US orders only.... please inquire on international). $15 added to orders under $30. Free US shipping and insurance on orders over $500. Fees and discounts are included in shipping total.

Make your project unique with our PARTZ!


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